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Welcome to the official website for "The Beach". The Beach is an un-aired teen drama based in a college called Sea-View Academy in Paphos, Cyrpus. Each year the cast changes as the old cast leave the college and the new cast come in. Recurring characters are, Claude Grey, Ms Granger, Dean Clayton, and some of the other less featured teachers. If you were under the impression this was just a normal year at college you'd be wrong. These naive teenagers bring a fun, young, edgy, contemporary, sexy side to "The Beach" but their pasts, presents and futures make their stay at Sea-View far from a walk in the park.

Sea-View Academy is an esteemed college that has been around for over thirty years. It's location right beside the beach is what brought about the title of the show. It's situation has also attracted many young people to it that are interested in studying there. It's modern design and high reputation also attract potential students. The student life is far from rosy and this is no exception at Sea-View.

- Please note that the use of celebrities as characters is something that is only for me and Ellie to help us invisage the characters. They are here to make the website feel a little more fun and not all just writing, but if the show were to be aired these actors would NOT be in it.

- (please note the videos are clips from other shows/movies and are not real trailers)

- Character accounts are only for fun and to try and advertise "The Beach".

Let me see. What memories should i share with you mediocre members of society.... Ah yes!! On my first year working here i met a frustrating group of hooligans. There was a girl called Kayleigh, but sadly she perished. It was a dreadful waste, she was a truel committed girl. Why couldn't they have taken Seth!
Seth being my least favourite! I remember the time he had his bikini party! The damage done to our beach was preposterous! I simply had to make a stand! Luckily a few of my fellow collegues detained me before it got too heated.
I also remember the curious Ryan, he was heading towards being a simply charming young man, but he was lead astray by the Lily girl, okay I'm not actually allowed to say the words out loud, but she was...well a bit of a floozy. Imet in my second year called rachel, she fell pregnant! Ridiculous! She was only 17! Ruining your life at such a young age, and don't get me started on Josh Harper, he was a male floozy, and so was Seth! There's too much to say here and now, please check out Claudes corner dotted around the website for more updates.
Oh, i best be getting off now, i've just heard gospel coming on and i cant stay away. Goodbye, and stay tuned!



  1. Hey Kace, great to know your having a good time looking around, and Claude is really odd but funny at the same time, if he talks to you just pretend to take him seriously or you might find yourself in a spot of bother haha. Also sorry for Rachel on meet the characters, she gets a bit carried away sometimes.

    (Posted on 2011-04-19 23:23:00 by )
  2. Love the site!! Claude Grey is very funny and im really enjoying having a look around.

    (Posted on 2011-04-13 08:28:00 by )

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